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Sun’s out fun’s out! 3 steps to make a green picnic basket!

Yes! It’s finally here, our old friend, summer! Restrictions around COVID have changed the way we interact and have fun but there’s still one action that is safe, simply sublime and fun anytime. A picnic! Let us show you how to green up your picnic and turn one-time use products into a thing of the past during your fun time in the sunshine. This can be a fun activity to do with the kids or a romantic one with your partner. 

There are so many benefits to picnics. They help relieve stress, inspire healthier habits, connect us with family, and give you a bit of an immunity boost through vitamin D from the sun. Unfortunately, oftentimes when we set out on a picnic we don’t always think about the environmental impact. Disposable one-time use napkins, plastic cutlery, and styrofoam cups, and plates wreak havoc on the environment and are often used this time of year when engaging in social activities outdoors. Even paper plates can be an issue since those are no longer recyclable once they come in contact with food. But we have a remedy for that. 


1. First things first,

ya’ gotta have something to carry all your belongings in. So why not use a sustainably made, fair trade basket or find an old picnic basket at your local thrift store or on Facebook Marketplace. By using a sustainably made, fair trade basket you create an impact, by supporting the people who handcraft these beautiful accessories. These are perfect for gathering all of your picnic items in, and can be reused over and over again for just about anything.


2. Next, put your basket together.

You don’t have to run out and get specially made utensils, you can simply pack forks, spoons, and knives from home and wash them when you return. This can be done with old sets of silverware and dining plates. You can also buy second hand or new ones that you keep in your basket, like stainless steel plates that are virtually indestructible and can be reused over and over again!  As previously mentioned disposable one-time-use plastic cutlery is horrible for the environment. They contribute to all kinds of issues from small microscopic bits of plastic in the air to large garbage patches in the sea.

Instead of paper, pack reusable napkins made from cloth or sustainable resources like hemp or bamboo. This prevents littering and reduces the amount of waste in landfills. You can even turn this into a fun project for the family by making your own cloth napkins at home for your picnic.


3. Pack leftovers,

or make it part of the adventure to make the food as a family. Again this helps to decrease waste and saves you green which is always a sustainable thing. And drinks, it’s so easy to just run up to your favorite convenience store and grab some, but what does that look like? Like plastic bottles floating around in the oceans. Avoid that! Just bring your own containers, insulated ones will keep your beverages colder longer no matter if they are for the adults or the kiddos! 


We hope this has helped you get ready for an incredible day of fun and play and remember,  just be a bit mindful about what you use and how you are using it. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook about your nifty sustainable picnic earth tricks, send us pics of your newly fashioned picnic baskets! Oh and check out some of our amazing partners like, Eco Maniac Company, EarthHero, and Preserve who offer many sustainable and reusable products.

Thanks for reading!

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Jammica Boone is a writer and content creator for Enviroperks.