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Give Thanks for Small Businesses

There are so many things to be thankful for this year. And the number one thing on our list here at EnviroPerks, is our local, small business partners.


Everyone has been affected and taken some hard hits because of Covid. It’s been tough, and small businesses seem to have been hit the hardest. From our favorite bagel shop on the corner to our friendly neighborhood dry cleaners, one by one the little guys all vanished. So here at EnviroPerks, we decided to shine a spotlight on our local, small businesses and thank them for a job well done with continued incredible service that does so much more than we ever bargained for.



EnviroPerks has dedicated itself to the business of shopping small. We get it. And we definitely understand that it’s the little guys who make the big difference. That’s what drives our passion to support local small businesses. We would not be able to offer incredible rewards that incentivize environmental stewardship without them.

Small Business favs such as Taylor’s Do It Center, reward Perksters with savings like a free bag of mulch. Give the gift of reading and get a $10 gift card free at Book Exchange, where you can buy, sell, and trade books! Shop eco-friendly and save $5 off a $50 purchase at Ellwood Thompson’s. An independent, local, small business that has served the community for over 20 years. Or enjoy fresh, local produce sustainably grown by small business farmers in your area! Through Seasonal Roots, Perksters get $25 off the initial membership fee. And they don’t just deliver produce right to your front door every week, they deliver hope for a better future. Their efforts aid in building trust in communities through transparency which helps protect the environment and the welfare of our neighbors, family and friends. You’d have to be loco not to LOVE local. 

Shopping small Makes a BIG Difference!

They say the best way to make a big difference is to start small. Even Whole Foods and Wal-Mart were once mom and pop stores. Small Businesses are a vital part of the local economy, community and environment. Without small businesses we’d be in a world of trouble. That’s why shopping small matters. It creates prosperous communities rich in connection and humanity. Not to mention much needed financial assistance that helps sustain and strengthen the community. When we shop small and support local businesses, local businesses support us! 

A few ways shopping small makes a big difference.

> Creates jobs and provides better customer service

> Cycles funds back into the community for public programs, infrastructure and other vital community services 

> Fosters a true sense of community & social connections

> Reduces the carbon footprint from transport

> Protects local land and farms

> Protects natural habitats and wildlife



Thank You For Shopping Local Tim Mossholder
Photo by Tim Mossholder

The Shop Small Movement

In 2010 American Express started a little thing called Small Business Saturday. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, people were encouraged to shop at small businesses for the holidays. It was such a success that local officials took notice, causing the Senate to unanimously approve a resolution in 2011 in support of the day. Now that’s something to be thankful for, for sure!  Small Business Saturday will be on November 27th this year so mark your calendar. To find local businesses in your area, log in to your EnviroPerks account, click rewards, search for businesses near you, and choose the best rewards to make your holiday shopping truly unique and special this year. Got a local, small business around your way that you’d like to see get a little love? Send us a shout out! Or contact us via email or facebook


Thank you to all the small businesses that have kept our communities thriving and our planet surviving. We truly appreciate you and all you do here at EnviroPerks where we save green by living green.



J's Article Image 2 Jammica Boone is a writer and content creator for EnviroPerks.