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The Bagless Circus

Anyone else feel like they can’t remember things like they used to? We sure do! Even with our tips, we know that bringing your reusable bag is going to slip your mind at times. So let’s talk about some ways to stay green! 

First thing, learn how to juggle! Figure out a way to carry those items without a bag. If you’ve brought your kids with you, you can make it a game….how long can they balance the bread on their heads? Or, impress your significant other with your apple juggling skills! We know this all sounds pretty silly, but the point is that you have options, so make it fun and be silly.

If you feel like being more practical, use what you have. Wearing a hat? Put your apples in that instead. Scarves can be tied up to make a useful bag, or stuff smaller purchases in your purse. If you carry a murse, that works just as well!

The most convenient option is to bring your reusable bags. But when you’re in a pinch, get a little creative and maybe even a little uncomfortable, any way you can to make sure you’re refusing single-use bags. Don’t feel pressured or embarrassed into accepting one; stand up proud, take a stand and show others how important it is to say “no”! Check out the video below for a little inspiration!


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