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The landfill truth [ARTICLE]

Author: Monique Webb

People often wonder why recycling is such a big deal to gung-ho recyclers. Well, let me be the first to tell give you the landfill truth about your so-called ‘trash.’ Garbage, as most people like to call it, takes time to break down and some of course, longer than others. This means that the big pile of trash that we generate, or the Landfill as most people know it, will continue to grow until some of the garbage in the bottom of the pile disintegrates making space for more trash to be piled on top. This means that we are wasting valuable land resources to house the one thing we put out to the curb on a regular basis, our trash. That pile continues to grow on a daily basis when it could be greatly reduced in size if more people simply reduced, reused and recycled.

Take a closer look at your (recyclable and reusable) garbage. You might be surprised to know just how long those items you called trash will last in its Landfill home.

There are many ways to reduce your consumption of packaged materials, recycle almost all of your household items and reuse items in creative ways in order to reduce the amount of waste you generate. Why don’t you donate your shoes and clothing to someone in need, use your scrap plywood to make a birdhouse, or the old fishing line to make a recycled win chime? Maybe because you never thought of ways to reuse trash, but there are loads of resources online that can help you turn that around. Check out sites like or even for ideas and inspiration on reducing, reusing and recycling everything in your home.