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The plastic bag is already in the fish

Plastic bags can be harmful to our wildlife in multiple ways. The two biggest are becoming entangled in the plastic or mistaking the bags for food. You may ask why those silly animals are eating plastic. Well, that’s because plastic smells like food. Why do rats dig through trash or bears attack camps? Human food is becoming an addiction for animals and if they smell a plastic bag that used to hold food scraps or a sandwich bag with remnants of a PB&J, you’d better believe that if it smells like food, to an animal it is food!

Other sea life are having the same problem; algae sticks to plastic almost immediately after it enters the water. The sense of smell is a large part of how many underwater creatures locate their next meal. Once again, if it smells like food, it must be food! But the smell isn’t the only way that sealife are getting tricked by plastic bags. Google “DIY jellyfish” and one of the methods is upcycling old plastic bags, and if it’s enough to fool us you can be sure that it fools a turtle. The poor guys are consuming plastic bags at an alarming rate due to the convincing way plastic bags float underwater.

Turtles are not only eating the plastic, but like most underwater, flying, and land-based animals they are getting tangled in them too.

Enjoy your fish a la plastic!