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They Call It Puppy Love

Puppy LoveThis was EnviroPerks’ second year attending the Chesapeake Humane Society’s Bark in the Park and I, EnviroPerks Marketing and Communication Specialist, Cheryl Boban, couldn’t have been more excited. I attended Bark in the Park last year and had a great time mingling with visitors, talking about recycling, signing up new members, and meeting lots of cute dogs! Here are some pictures from the event if you would like be overwhelmed by cuteness.

Puppy Love

That morning I was prepared for the event and excited for what the day would bring. I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened on the way to the Park. My husband and I saw a dog trotting across Military Highway. Of course we stopped and took her to Bark in the Park with us! I thought, “What a coincidence! I’m sure someone there will be able to help us out.” And they did.

After arriving at Chesapeake City Park we found out EnviroPerks was to set up across from the Micro Chip Clinic! The wonderful volunteers from the Chesapeake Humane Society scanned our temporary pooch for a microchip and when they didn’t find one contacted Animal Control for us. Animal Control is currently holding this lost girl until her family can come get her and if they don’t, then she’ll go up for adoption — maybe to us! Big thanks for all the help from these awesome volunteers! They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Losing a pet can be frightening but here’s a helpful website that has some tips on how to help prevent this from happening and what to do in case it does. If you’ve been thinking about having your pet micro chipped and have questions contact the Chesapeake Humane Society, or the one in your city, or the SPCA.

If I could I would give a home to all the lost dogs and cats of the world and I know there are some Perksters out there who feel the same. Unfortunately I can’t but there is a way you and I can help! If you have friends of neighbors that haven’t signed up for EnviroPerks send them this link to do it. When they sign up using the link below EnviroPerks will donate $5 to the Chesapeake Humane Society.

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