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Tired of the same old bag? Hamilton Perkins is a revolution!

We just picked up the coolest partner and they have been picking up our trash since 2014! Hamilton Perkins is creating jaw-dropping fashion from recycled plastic water bottles, pineapple leaf fiber, museum signs, showroom signs, and billboard vinyl.

Have you noticed the countless transitions between billboards, bus signs, and other advertisements? Probably not, these have been an advertising stable since advertisement began, but how many of us really think twice about the waste they generate? The Hamilton Perkins Collection exists to create timeless limited-edition bags from the trash we forget about.

Their first design, the Earth Bag Premium, was created so that their customers would not only carry a bag that was stylish but carry a bag they could be proud of. The feedback from their Earth Bag Premium was monumental, and it soon became one of their most popular designs. Since then, they’ve created designs in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes.

The brand is currently offered in nearly 150 leading department stores and specialty stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, and now is an RP partner. We are proud to partner with the Hamilton Perkins Collection (HPC) as a national reward partner and we encourage everyone to take advantage of the awesome HPC reward. Purchasing one of their bags, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone special, shows your support for the environment and your commitment to environmentally responsible, sustainable fashion.

Locally owned Virginia businesses know that our first priority is preserving the world for future generations and supporting each other is key! Check out the Hamilton Perkins podcast, it’s a great meeting of minds with HPC and our EnviroPerks founder. Get some insight into our founder is, and why he made it his mission to start EnviroPerks. If you have 20 minutes this podcast is worth a listen!

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