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“True green” St Patrick’s Day

This year, as you wear green for St Patrick’s Day, don’t forget to also go really green!

1 – Find a four-leaf clover!

Go outside and take a hike! It could become your new St Patrick’s Day tradition.

Find a four-leaf clover!

2 – Plant a tree

Another idea for a new St Patrick’s Day tradition could be to plant a tree, which will support a critical resource that promotes clean air and water.

Plant a tree

3 – Buy green supplies for the party

If you need party supplies, such as plates and cups, remember to look for recyclable or compostable ones. Also watch out for the SFI label, which means that the wood fiber used to make the product or packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. Or you can shop with our business partner Preserve.

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Buy green supplies for the party

4 – Wear true green clothes

Not only the color should be green, but your clothes should also be eco-friendly, which is great for the environment. Clothing made from high-quality, sustainable materials is less likely to irritate your skin than chemical-laden materials. Starting a “green clothing” trend is easy since even mass-market brands have started to make their own organic and vegan clothing lines.

Wear true green clothes

5 – Get real green accessories

Reuse to be green. Find your St Patrick’s Day accessories at thrift stores and other places where used goods are sold. It’s a great way to save money and the planet!

Get real green accessories

6 – Eat true green food

Start by buying local with foods that are in season. Trying to consume less meat to help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment is also a great way to be greener. Last, but not least, you can recycle your food by turning it into compost for your garden. So many ways to eat green!

Eat true green food

7 – Use green dye that is truly green

Dye your food and beverages green using eco-friendly, natural food coloring that you can make from spinach or sap. Store-bought food coloring and dyes often include chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment.

Use green dye that is truly green

Sources: https://sunbasket.com/stories/make-your-own-natural-food-coloring

8 – Drink green

Unfortunately, traditional hops drinks are made using harmful pesticides. Instead, you can try vegan options like Bulmers Pear Cider and Krombacher Pils or vegetarian options like Harp Irish Lager.

Drink green

We hope these tips will help you have a healthy, happy and green St Patrick’s Day!!

green St Patrick’s Day!

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