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Update your Browser for the Best Experience

We want you to have the best possible experience using EnviroPerks.com and other websites you might visit while you are online. In order to accomplish this it is important that your Internet Browser is up to date. We’ve compiled some information for you below about the importance of having an up to date browser.

What is an Internet Browser?

An Internet or Web Browser is an application or program that you use to access the Internet. Everyone who goes on the Internet uses a Browser. You might access the Internet by clicking on a blue “e,” a compass, a circle composed of primary colors plus green, or something else. Browsers are free to download and use and there are dozens available to choose from.

Internet Explorer  Safari Chrome

The Importance of Updating

Every once in a while a new version of your browser comes out. It’s important to keep your browser up to date so it can keep up with the changes taking place on the Internet. As more and more updates are released the older versions develop the following issues.

• Less stable and are more likely to crash or stop working.

• Decrease in speed that gets in the way of loading or downloading websites or files.

• More susceptible to malicious viruses, spyware, malware, and other security issues.

What You Can Do

The first steps you need to take is 1- determine what browser you are using and 2- make sure it is up to date. Some Browsers automatically make you aware that there is an update available but others, typically older ones, don’t. To do both of those steps go to whatbrowser.org. It will tell you both of those things and help you upgrade to the most recent version of whatever Browser you are using.

We want our members to have the best possible experience using our website. To do this, we would like strongly recommend that any member currently using Internet Explorer (IE) upgrade to a different Browser, like Google Chrome or Safari. Not only will you have a better overall experience on EnviroPerks.com and on the general Internet, but you’ll be using the most up to date browsing software.