Valentine’s Day - Recycled Decorations And Gifts

It’s possible! Recycle your Valentine’s Day with these helpful ways to make new light of old items. Check out these fun ways to make recycled décor for this loving holiday.

Heart Garlands

– Yarn

– Fabric (old shirts, jeans or any left over fabric)

– Thread

– Needle

– Scissors

– Cotton stuffing (from and old stuffed animal or pillow)

1. Cut fabric hearts out to desired sizes

2. Cut yarn in 4 inch strips and create loops for each heart

3. Sew looped yarn onto fabric heart

4. Sew (inside-out) around the shape of your heart, leaving a 1-inch opening for stuffing

5. Flip your hearts onto the right side

6. Stuff with cotton fill

7. Sew the 1-inch opening closed

8. Decorate as desired

9. Tie your hearts to a 3-foot piece of yarn (evenly spaced)

10. Hang your garland and enjoy your work!

Heart Wreaths

– Fabric or paper (from old clothing or misprints)

– Wire Hanger (an old broken one)

– Styrofoam

1. Form the hanger or wire into a heart

2. Cut fabric into small squares about 2 inches

3. Tie the fabric all around the heart shape

4. Stand back and enjoy your new wreath!

Valentine’s Day Cards

1. Old greeting cards, magazines, catalogs, newspapers or leftover construction paper

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Pen or Marker

1. Look through old greeting cards, etc.

2. Cut out pictures you would like to use on your cards

3. Take a piece of construction paper and fold it in half to form your card

4. Glue the pictures you cut out to the front of the card

5. Write a special note inside to compete your card

6. Give the custom card to the one you love!

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