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Business Partnerships and Community Engagement Coordinator

Job posting date: 3/25/2019

Job Type: Contract – must live in the desired location

Job Location: Richmond and Williamsburg VA area

Please note that this position is a remote, full-time contract position. The successful candidate must live within 30 minutes of the Richmond or Williamsburg area.

Primary functions of this contract position will be to develop and maintain good working relationships with local businesses, bringing them on as reward partners offering a reward to local residents who recycle, and to attend local events to encourage resident participation in the EnviroPerks program.

To fulfill this role, the Contractor will:

Successfully build relationships with business owners and managers and bring them on board as reward partners

Represent EnviroPerks at local events (table/tent set-up) and make presentations to schools, neighborhood associations and other interested parties

Assist with partner search when needed in other EnviroPerks markets

Other small duties to support the market (reviewing content, communicating with raffle winners/awarding prizes, development and implementation of marketing strategies, etc.)

Attend meetings with the client cities as needed (typically, monthly) and with EnviroPerks management (some monthly and others are weekly)

Manage some content for EnviroPerks Facebook page (local content)

Review reports for accuracy, suggest changes

Write copy for partners’ profiles or small articles to promote local businesses

Execute quantifiable marketing and promotional plans

Other assigned duties (you’ll never get bored as our company is always innovating and progressing to the next level)

Preferred Skills and Abilities:

Excellent work ethic and ability to learn new tasks quickly

Strong, innovative sales and marketing skills and the ability to create successful partnerships with local businesses

Excellent organizational and time management skills; attention to detail is a must

Strong critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills

Entrepreneurial and goal oriented, persevere with the help of remote team/contractors

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

This position is a contract position that is results-oriented (ROWE). Those with a B2B sales background do well in this position. 50% remote/work from home, 50% working in the local area. The contract amount is paid monthly with the opportunity to earn additional commissions.

What kind of personality does the Coordinator need to have?

Are you scared to approach strangers? If you are, this position won’t be for you. You must be a self-starter with an outgoing personality who isn’t afraid to commit 100% to success and achieving goals. You should be people-friendly and enjoy interacting with others. Going live on Facebook needs to be easy for you. You will work from home and must organize your day independently based on your monthly objectives. You must be comfortable working remotely and having meetings via video conference calls since your contractor colleagues and contract administrator work in other cities and states. We’re a remote team who is focused on achieving results, so be prepared to bring you’re “A” game. You will represent our company, so you’ll need to be professional in manner and dress when interacting with residents and business, and you’ll need to be on top of things at all times.

Job Requirements:

Marketing, customer service, or event experience preferred, but not required

B2B sales and/or telemarketing experience REQUIRED (NOT retail sales)

Method of transportation (will need to transport table/tent when setting up at events)

Send resume and cover letter to savance@enviroperks.com to be considered. Good luck to all!

Volunteering Opportunities

Send applications to info@enviroperks.com

EnviroPerks is looking for volunteers to help educate residents about recycling at local events in:

– Norfolk, VA

– Hollywood, FL

– Richmond, VA

For all other volunteering, please send your application to shungate@enviroperks.com

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