We have been working from home for over 4 years. Check out our tips to get productive quickly! - EnviroPerks

We have been working from home for over 4 years. Check out our tips to get productive quickly!

Last week our Vice President, Sandra Hungate, hosted a webinar, giving awesome tips to work from home. If you missed it and want to catch all the details, check it out below. This is one hour that you won’t want to miss if you feel the “working from home” stress.

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If life is too crazy right now, here are some quick highlights (in bullet form, of course).

Keys to remote management with special guest, Danny Page.


Vice President Sandra Hungate:

New challenges we are all facing

  • Some people might be excited about working from home while others might feel lonely
  • Some people have to take care of others at home
  • Some people have a hard time finding a quiet space to work
  • Some people are very stressed and scared right now
  • Some people might not have computers, and even software, needed to work remotely
  • Some managers aren’t sure that their employees are working when they don’t see them
  • Some people might have a hard time separating work from off time

The advantages of remote working

  • Productivity (when there are no distractions)
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency (no small-talk)
  • Responsibility/trust of the team member
  • Less stress (no rush hours)
  • More flexibility and freedom
  • Contentment
  • Affordability
  • Sustainability

Set the frame for your team members

  • Give deadlines and possibly schedule the next time you talk about the project
  • Tell your team members when you expect them to be available and when to turn OFF
  • Tell your team members how quickly to reply to emails, chat messages, etc.

Get a  “DOOR”

  • If you have a dedicated room, consider a sign for times you can’t be disturbed
  • If you’re in an open space, create a dedicated sign to tell your family that they cannot interrupt you when you’re in an important meeting
  • Close your door and/or computer at the end of your workday, just like you’d usually leave your office or shop; snooze notifications until the next day

Create a “HALLWAY”

  • Set-up daily or at least weekly check-ins
  • Create a place to chat (Google Hangouts, Slack, etc…)
  • Consider a digital “Happy Hour” or break time
  • Open door policy via chat?

You need to make up for the missed communication opportunities.

CRO Distribute Consulting, Dann Page, 5 steps to success:

#1 – Tools are the Top Priority

  • Instant messaging
  • Cloud-based project management
  • Virtual office apps

Lay a foundation for success by providing team members the tools they need.

#2 – Superb Communication Practices

  • Deliver results and expectations clearly
  • Overcommunicate and seek clarification
  • Build an alert system

Establish multi-channel lines of communication that ensure quick actions and iterations.

#3 – Results Matter Most

  • Set goals and objectives
  • Build accountability sandwich
  • Clear output tracking

To foster flexibility, have the focus of each person’s be on a specific set of results.

#4 – The Three TRs

  • Create an environment of Trust
  • Always tell the Truth about performance
  • Practice Transparency

Create a work environment that allows employees to feel autonomous, with or without the office.

#5 – Keep Your Culture

  • Establish regular 1-1s
  • Set up happy hours and lunches
  • Ensure employee appreciation

Just because the office is gone does not mean your culture has to go too.


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