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Zippers are Always Better Than Ties!

Have you guessed what the third most popular use for plastic grocery bags is? For wet, gross, and smelly items! Most people reuse their plastic bags while traveling to hold shoes, keep wet or sweaty clothes from making a mess, or to hold a dirty diaper. Well, prepare to get your mind blown. There is an amazing alternative to the plastic bag that will actually accomplish the tasks you were hoping to accomplish. It’s called a wet bag! And here are the awesome things a wet bag can do to replace your plastic grocery bags!

Bagging Dirty Clothes
Wet bags are superior for dirty, wet or smelly clothes. Put your clothes in the bag, zip it up, and all the water or smell stays inside. When you get home all you have to do is unzip, empty the clothes into the washer, and toss the bag in with it!

Wet bags are the perfect travel companion. Use it as a dirty clothes bag, keep trash in one spot on a road trip, or to bag your shoes or toiletries. Unlike a plastic bag, you know that the bag will hold up through the whole trip and protect the contents of your suitcase from getting dirty or ruined. Wet bags can stop that broken foundation bottle from ruining your favorite pair of jeans!

Ice pack
Wet bags are, you probably guessed it by now, water tight! That means if you forgot to put the ice pack back in the freezer, toss some ice in your wet bag and voila! No more leaky ice packs!

Lunch Bags
Wet bags also keep moisture out and will protect that PB&J from getting soggy. The bags come in lots of different sizes to fit your needs.

No, don’t put your baby in the bag. But do use it to bag dirty burp cloths and diapers when you’re on the go. And they can seem like a lifesaver in case of any potty training accidents. Happen to be somewhere that you can’t easily dispose of a disposable diaper? Or, maybe you’re REALLY environmentally conscious and use cloth diapers? Wet bags can keep the smell under control until you make it home. Can your plastic bag do that? Nope!

Motion Sickness
Now you no longer have to worry if your plastic bag has a small tear. That last minute, no time to pull over sickness isn’t going anywhere!

So the next time you’re at the store and are watching as your groceries are loaded into plastic bags, think to yourself, “Do I really need, or want, these plastic bags?” And if you have your wet bags with you they can hold your groceries too!