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Pledge for the Earth

6R's Pledge for the Earth

I…pledge for the Earth TODAY!​


I will REFUSE to buy items that are not recyclable or have only a one-time use.
Think twice before buying anything.
I will REDUCE the number of “single use” or non-recyclable items that I buy.
I will REUSE to make the best use of everything by repurposing (upcycling or
donating to others). Repair items whenever possible to further reduce the
need to buy new items.
I will RECYCLE! Every bit counts so start with basics like paper, cans, and bottles.
I will REDEEM! Get rewards for your efforts! Redeem your reward points for freebies and discounts at local businesses.(please check out to see if the business is open)
I will REBUY! Close the loop by buying products made from recycled materials.


Pledge to use the 6Rs to make lasting lifestyle changes.
As our thank you, you’ll be entered to win a $100 Earth Hero gift card.