Scavenger Hunt

Redeem the golden ticket reward for a chance to win the $300 gift card. 


  • Clues will be given on Facebook and sent in emails. 
  • Clues lead to a business on the EnviroPerks reward page where you’ll find the golden ticket! 
  • Each of the 5 clues will lead to a new golden ticket and another chance at $300! Tickets for each clue will expire, so make sure you look right away! 
  • Search for rewards as you normally would, using the word that completes the sentence to find the golden ticket!
  • Select “All Rewards”. Type the missing word in the search pane and click on the search icon. This will bring up the businesses that include “missing word”
  • Redeem as many golden tickets as you want for each clue, and each entry will use 10 EnviroPerks points.

Every redemption gets you closer to winning $300!

Clue 5

Protect our earth, it’s home ______ home!

Go look now!

Clue 1

Expired clue 🙁

Clue 2

Expired Clue 🙁

Clue 3

Expired clue 🙁

Clue 4

Expired clue 🙁

See the next one 😉

Clue 5

Running clue until October 16th