Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake, VA


Chesapeake has beautiful waterways, such as the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, that residents work to keep clean and enjoyable for everyone! From Food Truck Hump Days to Bark in the Park, Chesapeake residents have it all, including co-mingled curbside recycling!


Enviroperks, The Program

The City holds quarterly Chesapeake Recycles Days where residents can responsibly dispose of electronics, household hazardous materials, and other items. Chesapeake residents are keeping it green!

Need A Cart

There are over 65,000 households eligible for curbside service in Chesapeake. If you have City trash service, you can likely receive City recycling service. Nearly every eligible home should have a recycling cart in addition to their trash cart. If you need a cart, need to swap out a broken cart, or want to purchase a second cart, contact the City of Chesapeake directly at 757-382-CITY.

Living Green Beyond The Cart

There are many items that can be recycled, but not in your curbside cart, like household hazardous waste. If you would like to recycle or properly dispose of batteries, electronics, and other hazardous materials, visit the City of Chesapeake’s special recycling days. All of the information can be found here.

Local, Green, Made in the USA, and National businesses!

EnviroPerks is all about your community, saving you money every day, and helping you live a greener lifestyle! We want to make your world greener and support your local economy, therefore we partner with local businesses that you know and love, encouraging residents to shop local. In addition to the awesome local businesses we partner with, we provide you with access to exclusive discounts with our national partners as well as national discounts and money back through access to our BenefitHub Loyalty+ platform.


EnviroPerks welcomes Chesapeake businesses to participate in the loyalty program by offering a discount to local residents. It’s free for businesses to participate in the program; more information can be found by clicking here.

Blog Entries

Looking Back On 2020

Happy new year from all of us at EnviroPerks! For a year with so many ups and downs, we’re proud to say that in 2020 we helped more people dispose of their waste properly than ever before. We also rebranded with a new name and logo (not an easy task!) and expanded our rewards program to help you save more money than ever. Let’s take a look back on 2020 as we toast 2021:

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The record turnout for this year’s election can only mean one thing – a record number of campaign signs in yards. As the dust settles, you might be left with questions. Questions like: What’s the best way to dispose of my campaign sign? We’re glad you asked. 

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This year’s holiday festivities might look a little different for families all over the country. In a more typical year, this blog post would contain a myriad of ways to reduce your household’s waste this holiday season, but in 2020, all of us have a responsibility to be extra safe in addition to being environmentally-friendly. 

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Stuff your wallet with green

We know, we know. You recycle, always remember your reusable bags, banned plastic straws forever, and even started composting this year. How much greener can you get!? Well, how about greening up your wallet?

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