EL Harvey, MA

EL Harvey, MA


EL Harvey is an industry leader, recognized for their commitment to the highest standards of recycling solutions and environmental impact. Active EL Harvey subscription customers have access to all of the benefits of EnviroPerks and Loyalty+.

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Enviroperks, The Program

Learn A Bit More About Recycling In EL Harvey

**IMPORTANT: We’re currently working on adding new rewards. Don’t forget to check back regularly!**

Beginning April 1st, 2021, EL Harvey is in partnership with EnviroPerks, offering subscription customers the opportunity to earn loyalty points each month that they are EL Harvey customers. As active EnviroPerks members, subscription customers can earn up to $300 in discounts each year through EnviroPerks and can save even more, up to $5,000, each year through Loyalty+.

Active members (subscription customers) receive 100 Perks points each month and can use these points to redeem EnviroPerks discounts and deals, enter raffles, and more. There are no points needed to access Loyalty+ discounts and cash back! Loyalty has its privileges!

E.L. Harvey is a full service waste hauling, transfer, and recycling operation, offering residential and commercial waste management services. It has been an independent, family-owned and operated business since it was founded in 1911 by Emory Larkin Harvey.


Want access to this great program and all of the benefits of EnviroPerks and Loyalty+ membership? Contact EL Harvey directly at 800.321.3002 or customerservice@elharvey.com. Friendly customer service staff are standing by to assist you.


EnviroPerks invites eligible businesses in the EL Harvey service area to participate in the Perks program by offering a discount to local recycling customers. Businesses can participate in the program free of charge and are promoted to local residents through multiple outlets (newsletters, social media, etc.). Call 855-813-2154 or email info@enviroperks.com for more information.

Acceptable Recyclables:

  • PAPER: phone books, mail, mixed papers, office paper, envelopes, folders, newspaper & inserts, magazines, catalogs, brochures, pamphlets
  • PLASTIC: plastic bottles, plastic jugs, plastic tubs
  • CARDBOARD: box board, cereal boxes, food boxes, flattened corrugated cardboard (2 feet x 2 feet maximum per piece)
  • METAL: Metal food and beverage containers
  • GLASS: glass bottles, glass jars

All items need to be clean and empty

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