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Hutchinson-Buhler, KS


**IMPORTANT: As of June 4th, 2020, the EnviroPerks program offered by Stutzman Disposal will end.**

To our members who have participated in the program. To our members who actively commented on EnviroPerks’ Facebook campaigns. To our members who became more avid recyclers because of the program. And to our members who never missed a pickup! We are proud of you all!
So, what happens now?
Although the program is ending, some things will remain the same or change slightly:
– Your recycling pick up will continue as usual with Stutzman Disposal
– Your points will never expire. You earned them!
– You can continue to redeem your points at local businesses as long as the business continues to participate
– You will still have access to the EnviroPerks website, Facebook, and educational blogs, so please keep in touch!


Enviroperks, The Program


95% Local Businesses!

EnviroPerks is all about your community! We want to make your community greener and support the local economy, therefore more than 95% of the businesses we partner with are locally owned and operated.

Become A EnviroPerks Reward Partner!

EnviroPerks invites eligible businesses in Stutzman Refuse Disposal’s service area to participate in the rewards program by offering a discount to local recyclers. The program is free for businesses that participate, and more information can be found by clicking here.

Recycling Beyond The Cart

There are many items that can be recycled, but not in your curbside cart, like household hazardous waste. If you would like to recycle batteries, electronics, and other hazardous material, visit the Stutzman Refuse Disposal page.

Recycling Schedule

Recycling collection is based on your location in our service area. The collection cart is tan with a blue or black lid. The collection schedule may be found here.

For a more detailed list of items accepted please visit here.

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